Recommended Unity Assets

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Voxeland: Sculpt caves, rivers etc. Terrain Can be set to infinite. Also because it generates sections you can increase performance by adding InstantOC. Furthermore, if you would like to add more textures than the default 24 add Megasplat for up to 256 textures!


Megasplat: Use up to 256 Texture on Unity Terrain, meshes and mesh based terrains to save performance and add more detail than default Unity Terrains. Assign and Paint flowing textures such as lava or rivers, wetness etc

 InstantOC: Disabling the render of just about any and all objects and terrain chunks not seen by the camera can often double the performance! This is very valuable especially for VR.

Enviro - Sky and Weather: Create amazing Day and night cycles, stormy or clear skys, allow Megasplat support to control the weathering look on the terrain of snow, ice etc.