Based in Charlottetown PEI Canada and started this year 2018, Game Arts Cafe aims to be PEI's APEX of Active VR Gaming, public exposure and introduction of full game development process, resources and together a hybrid concept with simple cafe services will no doubt create a high energy social  environment.

We believe G.A.C. is first of its kind anywhere in the World to combine these three features and to incorporate Game Arts Cafe inside the game itself to uniquely allow the customer to Cross over through Game Arts Cafe's Holographic Prints disguised as doors to play our game in the Virtual Realm. Each doorway in the Virtual cafe and in the real G.A.C. represents a different game, the Virtual Arcade is the VR Lobby itself where multi players can meet and interact and some cases start the quest.

This is Game Arts Cafe with the game integrated concept is the Brainchild of Kurt Nielsen, a life long artist with a passion to inspire and empower others.

Online Booking System 

  • Book time online anytime 24/7
  • First Come First Serve!
  • Absolutely no refunds with the exception of unforeseen issues that prevent us from issuing your time on the equipment.


Status: Booking system is currently offline..

What the heck is G.A.C?


The Game Arts cafe is:

  • A Virtual Reality Arcade - HTC Vives & Virtuix Omni Treadmills
  • A Game Studio & Development Resource - The Public will now be able to see a game production Pipeline and have access to development tools during Arcade hrs.
  • A Cafe built for excitement & creativity!  Enjoy our beverages -sports drinks, Coffee and more - you will need it! especially for Active VR. 


 This is all a very cool idea but does this place exist? We'll soon give you a status page for both G.A.C (The Game Arts Cafe physical construction) and for current stages of Game Development and our Kickstarter.


  • DIGITAL ARTIST TOOLS - 3d modeling, animation, rigging - After game studio hours the Arcade side becomes available to the public. You may now show off your skills to the public which may have other studios scouting for new talent-YOU!  As we expand so does our workstation capacity and capability.
  • Professional Easels - For the artists that would like to convert their work to 3D Models or 2D sprites. On site instruction/training will be available.


  • MUSIC PRODUCTION - Engage in the world of music making, composition, recording and digital delivery. You can just do it all if you know how or onsite help may be available.

-We aim to be a model of a healthier lifestyle for the Digital age-

  • GAMERS - Get in shape while having a blast with our Virtuix Omni Treadmills. There are many games and levels of physical challenges. Do you think you have what it takes? Send your kids to GAC to have fun & get in shape additionally consume safe mental & physical performance enhancing nutrition & or supplements in the Cafe!  - you will be safe with us! Active VR can be quite physically challenging and we may step in if we see any fatigue or anything that might be deemed inappropriate or otherwise harmful to yours and or our well being.



The Epic Of MoRedO


Currently a work-in-progress and subject to change.

Genre: Comical

Not Yet Rated but we're focusing on E for everyone at this time.


After you gear up on the Game Treadmill at whatever Arcade you may be, you will appear in VR inside the same Arcade (if playing at The Game Arts Cafe) otherwise to others it will just be an in game Arcade starting point. You will be greeted by some of the characters you will be working with in the game each describing their story of "what happened".

 Once you get some training (which also serves as VR calibration to make your experience more immersive) you will be lead through the portal in the Arcade/Cafe (if in the actual Game Arts Cafe or partner Arcade, you will be walking through one of the holograms you had originally seen in the Cafe/arcade but once the game loads in VR you will then be able to walk through it). From on the other side of the portal you will start your great adventure/VR experience lead by your personal trainer/running mentor)

The game isn't about running but at times you will run! can't tell you why, it's a secret wink

 Arcade Operators:

Receive term discounts on bulk license with our Kickstarter (coming soon)

 Game Features:

  • NVIDIA Ansel
  • CTAA - (Cinematic Temporal Anti-aliasing) -Essential for Cinematic VR
  • Virtual Reality - Open HTC Vive support
  • Native Virtuix Omni Treadmill Support
  • Coop Mode
  • Languages: English (current) Chinese (Time TBA)