Based in Charlottetown PEI Canada and started this year 2018, Game Arts Cafe aims to be PEI's APEX of Active VR Gaming, public exposure and introduction of full game development process, resources and together a hybrid concept with simple cafe services will no doubt create a high energy social  environment.

We believe G.A.C. is first of its kind anywhere in the World to combine these three features and to incorporate Game Arts Cafe inside the game itself to uniquely allow the customer to Cross over through Game Arts Cafe's Holographic Prints disguised as doors to play our game in the Virtual Realm. Each doorway in the Virtual cafe and in the real G.A.C. represents a different game, the Virtual Arcade is the VR Lobby itself where multi players can meet and interact and some cases start the quest.

This is Game Arts Cafe with the game integrated concept is the Brainchild of Kurt Nielsen, a life long artist with a passion to inspire and empower others.