What the heck is G.A.C?


The Game Arts cafe is:

  • A Virtual Reality Arcade - HTC Vives & Virtuix Omni Treadmills
  • A Game Studio & Development Resource - The Public will now be able to see a game production Pipeline and have access to development tools during Arcade hrs.
  • A Cafe built for excitement & creativity!  Enjoy our beverages -sports drinks, Coffee and more - you will need it! especially for Active VR. 


 This is all a very cool idea but does this place exist? We'll soon give you a status page for both G.A.C (The Game Arts Cafe physical construction) and for current stages of Game Development and our Kickstarter.


  • DIGITAL ARTIST TOOLS - 3d modeling, animation, rigging - After game studio hours the Arcade side becomes available to the public. You may now show off your skills to the public which may have other studios scouting for new talent-YOU!  As we expand so does our workstation capacity and capability.
  • Professional Easels - For the artists that would like to convert their work to 3D Models or 2D sprites. On site instruction/training will be available.


  • MUSIC PRODUCTION - Engage in the world of music making, composition, recording and digital delivery. You can just do it all if you know how or onsite help may be available.

-We aim to be a model of a healthier lifestyle for the Digital age-

  • GAMERS - Get in shape while having a blast with our Virtuix Omni Treadmills. There are many games and levels of physical challenges. Do you think you have what it takes? Send your kids to GAC to have fun & get in shape additionally consume safe mental & physical performance enhancing nutrition & or supplements in the Cafe!  - you will be safe with us! Active VR can be quite physically challenging and we may step in if we see any fatigue or anything that might be deemed inappropriate or otherwise harmful to yours and or our well being.